Is there any referral scheme?

Yes, we have a referral scheme for farmers.

Will we get cash back for referring our friends?

You will be allocated points for referring friends, these points can be used as a discount against the next order.

What is the value of each Point?

The value of one point is Rs.1.
Ex: If 100 Points are credited to your account you can avail Rs. 100 as a discount.

Can I encash the points credited?

No, the points credited cannot be encashed, points can be used as a discount for your next purchase.

How many points will I get for referring?

Points will be credited as below.
5 points for referring a friend.
25 points if your friend installs our app via SMS link or playstore.
Extra 25 points for every packet ordered by your friend.

Can I redeem the credited points immediately?

Points credited against referral and app installation can be redeemed immediately.
Points earned against order purchase will be activated once payment for the order is received.

Do the Points accrued on my account expire?

No, as now you can accumulate and use your points at your convenience.
Any changes in the future will be updated