How dose Biocapsule work?

The minerals like phosphorous and potassium are available in soil in compound forms. Plants can only absorb the substances that are dissolved in water. By applying our capsules the insoluble substances are made available to the plant. These minerals can be absorbed by the plants.

What are the uses of Nano Bio-Tech capsules?

-It strengthens the root system.
-Helps development of strong stem.
-Helps develop healthy wide green leaves and better photosynthesis.
-Improves plant immunity.
-Plants develop the ability to withstand water scarcity.
-The plants are now equipped to withstand adverse climatic conditions.

After using Bio-capsule will we definitely notice change in the crop?

90 out for 100 people observed an increase in yield in the first season of application. Other people noticed benefits in 2nd or 3rd crop.

How can I cancel the order I have placed?

Once you have made your order request, you can cancel the same on the same day before the article is dispatched by calling the customer care number.

Can add or transfer reward points to friends account?

No, you cannot add or transfer your Reward Points from one account to another. Reward points can be redeemed only on the account on which they have been earned.

Does it cost to get registered?

Not at all. Registration on the KABP portal is absolutely free.

How do I know my payment is secured?

Payment gateways are SSL and STQC certified.

Can I change the billing address displayed in my account?

Yes, You can change the registered address, on which your articles are delivered, online through the ‘My profile’ link on website / Mobile App or by calling the customer care.